Dolly Webster

For Southern California gardener and entrepreneur Dolly Webster, a demanding life style requires simplicity and organization in order to have more time to spend doing things she enjoys. Her company Garden Things sprouted from the desire to apply this philosophy of simplicity and organization to the gardening experience.

The Start

Dolly’s first and most demanding challenge was to replace a 5 gallon pickle bucket, confiscated from her mom’s restaurant, with a better, more organized and safe way to carry plant stakes and tying materials to her garden and flower beds. She reasoned that spending less time picking up stakes and tools that spilled from the bucket being constantly tipped over by top-heavy stakes, could be spent planting a new cutting bed or mulching tomatoes.

Dolly went to her shop and assembled the first Garden Quiver from pieces of PVC pipe bolted together. It had a fantastic twine dispenser, scissor holder and drawer pull handle for carrying. “What fun it was to finally have a way to take my stakes and twine to the garden and keep them organized for hanging neatly in the shed.” Dolly then applied her expertise in textile product development to create a fabric version with features for holding additional garden tools, garden gloves and various other garden accessories. It was light, functional and in spite of being used for gardening, appealed to her sense of style and fashion.

More Inspiration

When I was a very young girl my Grandma and I would go out to the garden and collect vegetables for dinner and bring them into the house to wash in the kitchen sink. We both disliked the mess it made. This bothersome dilemma was solved with the Garden Harvester, a labor of love for Dolly who kept in mind while designing it, the features her Grandma would have valued; durable yet lightweight, and easy to carry and store. “Nothing is more satisfying than going to the garden and harvesting that evening’s dinner, especially when you can harvest and wash your produce all in one simple tote then fold it up and stow it away.”

From there, other products that addressed her and fellow gardeners’ “I wish I had” list, made it into the collection. The quality and attention to detail such as a grommet placed in the bottom of the Garden Quiver for water drainage (just in case it is left out in the rain) is the hallmark of this company’s brand.

Garden Things is proud to share these eagerly awaited and long overdue solutions to many gardening needs. Truly, making it easier to grow what you love.