garden things  Trillium Connect Create virtually unlimited plant support and protection structures with these amazing silicon rubber cane connectors. The  holes stretch to accept canes or square stakes from 1/4 to 1 inch in diameter. You can use a variety of materials for stakes: twigs, bamboo, metal or PVC pipe or combine stakes of different sizes and materials. Garden Things's  innovative design allows you to build complex structures in just minutes, compared to hours with twine or wire. Structures built with Garden Connects fold like an umbrella at end of season, allowing for easy storage. Heat, ozone and weather resistant with a tensile strength of 350 psi.

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Flower Connects

Use this 6 hole Garden Connect for large diameter stakes and complex structures requiring 4 to 6 stakes. Create unlimited plant support configurations.


Trillium with PackageMost plant support uses 3 stakes. The 3 hole Trillium is an economical way to build simple plant support connections; trellis,t-pees, and cages.


Strip Connects-PackageThe handy Strip Garden Connect was designed to stretch around the plant stake rather than over. It is great for adding support to existing structure, anchor drip line, and build round plant cages. 

Some of the ways to create with Connects

garden things connects Easy Cage Container garden things connects Garden things connects Garden things strip connects Garden things connects teepee Garden things connects teepee garden things Trellis Connect
garden things  connect how to use garden things connects garden things connects Tomato Cage

Connects are super easy!

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