MV Garden Flowers copy


Showcase a Single Stem of a Beautiful Flower! Our simple design combines the natural elements of glass and wood to create a one of-a-kind magnetic flower vase. Be it a pretty dandelion picked with love by a child or a solitary wild flower found along a roadside journey, it’s a simple way to display and enjoy natures gift of a flower.

Mounts on glass, plastic and wood too. Each package includes a steel adhesive tape making it possible to place the vase on any surface!

• Measures 1 1/2” long x 1” wide x 1/2” deep • Handcrafted

• Finished in durable waterbased coating

• Reclaimed wood is used whenever possible

• Colors are as varied as mother nature herself

Great Gift for Moms, Teachers, RV, and Gardening Friends.

Visit a local craft store for embellishments to personalize your vase for holiday or theme gift. Use permanent pens or stamps for lettering…”Love” etc.